Church Insurance in New Jersey

Your church faces a number of problems in its day to day operations.  Protecting your church with Property and Casualty Insurance is important.

So what is Property and Casualty Insurance for your church?

Property insurance protects your church from such things as fire, wind, water damage, vandalism, explosion of your boiler, air conditioning systems, lighting, theft of your church owned property such as computers and office equipment as well as CASH.

Casualty insurance protects your church from claims filed against it because of injury or accidents caused as the result of your church’s normal operations such as a slip and fall by a member or visitor, claims filed against your minister for malpractice or misconduct, day care center liability, off premises liability such as trips to amusement parks or other social affairs.  These are just a few of the things that are covered by your church’s comprehensive church liability insurance.

Important insurance for your church should include:

  • Pastor’s vehicle, church owned trucks and buses

  • World wide liability insurance for your church’s operations (Mission Trips)

  • Theft of the church’s money

  • Church bond for your clergy, directors and officers, and volunteers

  • Electronic commerce including your church’s website and emails

  • Employment-related practices liability

  • Equipment breakdown – boiler and machinery

  • Coverage for your church’s stained glass and valuable works of art

  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability

  • Professional liability for all of your clergy

  • Umbrella liability which pays after your basic liability has been paid out

  • Workers’ Compensation for your church’s employees

  • Property coverage for your church’s buildings and contents

Wayne E. Seelinger has been helping Pastors, Trustees, and Directors and Officers in New Jersey protect their churches for over 30 years.

Contact us today for custom made and low cost church insurance coverages to protect your New Jersey Church.

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